The Rotary Club of Daylesford held a barbeque and Disability Information Session at the Victoria Park Pavilion on Thursday 02 December. Around 45 community members, including Rotarians, attended.
Living with a disability can be challenging enough. Those living with a disability in a small regional community like ours are presented with even bigger barriers, whether that’s access to affordable services, physical access to facilities and venues or even the availability of toilets!
The Rotary Club of Daylesford convened a panel of speakers, including:
  • Katrina Kavanagh, a disability support coordinator with Pathway Connect, who discussed the challenges of living with a disability in small regional communities.
  • Peter Waters a local resident who lives with cerebral palsy and talked about his inspirational wheelchair trip from Melbourne to Sydney, as well as the challenges of growing up as a child with a disability.
  • Dale Hoy, District Governor of Rotary District 9800, talked about the role of services clubs such as Rotary working to improve disability outcomes.
  • Pat Groenhout, President of the Rotary Club of Daylesford then hosted a Q&A session.
Thank you to our panel of speakers and to all who attended!