Rotary support for local youth and schools
Daylesford Rotary provides financial support each year to worthy students at primary schools throughout our local area. In addition, we offer Daylesford Secondary College a two-year scholarship for a student entering Year 11, and then, Year 12. The student with a strong academic potential is privately selected by the school. The scholarship can be spent on any equipment or activities that Daylesford College staff deem to be of use to the student.
When the Dharma Primary School relocated from a site in Perrins Street to ...Read more... a treeless 24 acre empty paddock, Daylesford Rotary answered the call to help ‘green’ the school site by providing funds to purchase fruit trees and has created garden boxes.  The children and school community have worked together to plant the trees and fill the boxes. What was once an area that turned grass into hay, this is now one that features:
  • 10 Bare rooted Fruit trees
  • 6 Wooden garden beds created by Colin Metcalf (President Rotary2019-2020) from reclaimed sleepers salvaged from retaining walls at the old school site.
  • 7 Loquat trees
  • 1 Mulberry Tree
  • 21 Feijoa Shrubs
  • 31 Chilean Guava Shrubs
  • 43 Viburnum Tinus for our windbreak
  • And a watering system to keep the trees alive in summer.
According to the Dharma Primary School, “there have been a wide range of benefits from the garden, not just for student learning, but also to our wider Dharma School community… including helping families to meet each other and make new connections. It has also provided some wonderful re-energising opportunities after a long period of lockdown.”
In many ways, the school has been transformed. The parents have expressed the delight they have felt after the arrival and growth of the trees which they are watering and caring for with their children.
Daylesford Rotary is proud to help nurture local students and schools to reach their full  potential.